Topic outline

  • Teaser

    Interview Skills - Way to your DREAM Job shall enable its participants to:

    1. get a dream job at any level 
    2. build a fast track career (frequent promotions) 
    3. achieve financial abundance (rewards & increments)
    4. acquire a leadership role (power & influence)
    5. make an industry shift (with little or no prior experience)



    • The Golden Rule #01 : Play to Win

      Centre Point: 

      'Play to Win mindset is a MUST to get a DREAM JOB. This section will help you to:

      1. Understand the importance, relevance and significance of having a Winning Attitude. 
      2. Learn, what should you know and do, so that you can 'Play to Win' this game.

      Get Ready to give YOURSELF a WINNING start!!!




      • The Golden Rule #02: Size up the Stakes

        Centre Point: 

        'Size up the Stakes' shall help you to

        1. be mindful of the 'value of the opportunity' pusued by you
        2. be aware of the Organization's financial commitments in the recruitment process
        3. stay focused, organized and committed to do your best during an interview


        • The Golden Rule #03: Science and an Art

          Centre Point: 

          An interview process may qualify both as a 'Science and an Art' due to the interwoven mix of concepts from the field of Science and Art. This duality from two vastly different areas make it almost impossible to gaurantee a 100% success rate in an interview process. Learn and be more aware about this complexity and easier it shall be to refine and apply an effective approach during an interview to :

          1. balance this duality and complexity emerging from it 
          2. up the game by applying the learnings
          3. impress the panel and increase the chances of success!




          • The Golden Rule #04: 'THE' Rule

            Centre Point:

            In this section get insights on:

            1. 'value of time' and its significance for the prospective Employer, Interview panel & you. 
            2. a non-negotiable value system - common for most respected organizations 
            3. ways to resonate with the panel and get a higher recall value!





            • The Golden Rule #05: 'SIMPLIFY'

              Centre Point:

              'SIMPLIFY' to stand out and get selected

              1. be aware of the pressures handled by the Interviewing paneL
              2. create your difference by being empathetic, sensitive and caring. 
              3. use the learnings to your advantage and be remembered for the right reasons

              Help them to make the decision to choose you - SIMPLER, FASTER and UNANIMOUS! 


              • The Golden Rule #06: The 'SEE' Rule

                Centre Point:

                Organized Knowledge (OK) is POWER. This section shall enable you to own and experience this mind boggling POWER.

                Organize your portfolio in an easily accessible, impressive, compelling and a usable format through:

                1. qualifying your skills
                2. a holistic assessment of your competencies.  
                3. documenting your experience, value proposition and noteworthy contributions

                It is your time to build, nurture, regain and/or strengthen a real, genuine and a earth shattering confidence for an UNSTOPPABLE YOU!

                Get, Set, Go...

                • The Golden Rule #07: The 'S.M.A.R.T.' Rule

                  Centre Point:

                  The 'S.M.A.R.T' section provides you  

                  1. with first hand and panoramic view of the nuances of the corporate world. 
                  2. a much needed and timely 'heads up' of the 'The Do's and the Dont's' 
                  3. reason(s) to laugh your way in and out of an interview room instead of being tensed and anxious

                  Aim to make your interview journey more pleasant, adventurous, exciting and enjoyable!

                  • The Golden Rule #08: The 'TV' Rule

                    Centre Point:

                    If You are:

                    1. a first time job seeker, have no prior experience
                    2. looking for bigger responsibilities that you have never handled.
                    3. seeking a highly rewarding job in another industry

                    then, this section on 'Transferrable Value' of your skills will provide you the much needed and a well deserved breakthrough! 

                    Challenge yourself and Go for it!






                    • The Golden Rule #09: The 'FTP' Rule

                      Centre Point:

                      Opportunity has its own strange way to land unannounced at the our doorstep. You might meet a prospective employer on a flight or on Social media or while enjoying a holdiay or while attending a common friends wedding. There are a million ways and reasons to connect, and the best part is you might / wont see this coming.

                      There are two ways to handle it. The first one is to make a mess of it, let it pass. The other more prudent and a smarter way is to take the bull by the horns and make the most of this opportunity.

                      Usually you will be in a semi-formal, more relaxed setting and the chances are you aren't nervous or stressed out because it is not a typical, stereotyped interview setting. Remember, you had never expected this opportunity in the first place. It just happened and therefore make it LARGE, and.....

                      ...and 30 seconds is all that you need to be ready for an interview.  You got it right! 30 seconds, is all the time in the world that you need, to get your bearings in place. 

                      So, friends if you have worked your way upto the 'FTP' rule, a big CONGRATULATIONS to you. 'FTP' shall further ensure that you are ready in a 'war like preparedness', anytime, anywhere!

                      Go for the KILL!




                    • The Golden Rule #10: The Golden Secret

                      Centre Point:

                      Be Aware of the POWERS vested with-in YOU. 

                      Learn, appreciate and apply the inner powers of: 

                      1. Self evaluation and 
                      2. Self activation
                      and there is nothing in the universe that can or will stop you from a sustainable and consistent high performance with every successive interview. 

                      The GOLDEN SECRET is the most basic, elementary and fundamental of all the rules. It is usually forgotten, often ignored  and seldom used with diligence, passion and effectiveness..

                      After all, common sense has never been a common practice.

                      Master the Golden Secret and YOU shall be the CAPTAIN of your ship and the MASTER of your destiny!